5 Homesteadish Habits You Can Start Now

Looking for ways to incorporate the homesteading lifestyle right here, right now?

So many people have told me how much they'd love to live the homestead life, but they just "can't" because of their circumstances. This is simply not true.

Homesteading does not require an acreage or livestock. It doesn't require tractors and pickup trucks. All it takes is a focus on building skills, living more intentionally, and simplifying your life. Here are a few ideas to get you started on your journey:

1. Cook from scratch.
This one is probably the easiest habit, but it will likely have the most profound effect. Cooking from scratch requires you to plan ahead, stock your pantry, and learn (and/or) practice some of the most basic, yet most important skills you need to be a homesteader. Eating home-cooked meals most of the time will bring happy side effects, like a healthier diet and savings on your food bill, because you'll be making fewer trips to the grocery store (goodbye impulse and convenience buying!), you won't be eating from restaurants, and you're able to get creative with budget-friendly meals.

2. Hang your laundry.
This is not only great for the environment, but it cuts back on your household's power consumption and helps to keep your home cool in the hot months. Added bonuses: fewer chemicals and perfumes, your clothes won't wear out as quickly, the sunshine acts as a disinfectant, and your clothes will smell like fresh air. If you can't have an actual clothesline, set up a drying rack on your balcony, or even hang your clothes on hangers and hook them onto a curtain rod. Use your imagination, and find a way!

3. Stop buying clothes.
We are all tempted by fast fashion, or to update our wardrobe at the turn of each season. One way to save a ton of money is to stop shopping for clothing unless you actually need to replace something. Even then, shop at thrift stores. Learn to mend and take care of the clothes you already own and look up natural ways to remove stains or spots instead of throwing things out or giving them away. The only exception I have to this is underwear - I'll always buy those brand new!

4. Learn to make repairs.
Did the handle on your kitchen cupboard break? Find a replacement and install it yourself. Is the door not closing quite right? Tighten the screws in the hinges. Does your car need an oil change? Learn how to do it yourself (as long as it won't affect your warranty, of course). Bathtub not draining right? Get yourself a small drain snake and clean out the hair that's clogging your pipe. Start with small, simple jobs and work your way up - before you know it you'll be your very own handy-person.

5. Stick close to home.
This may come as a shock to some, but... you don't need to be involved in every extracurricular activity, nor do you need to attend every event or social outing that you're invited to. Instead of going clubbing every Saturday night, host a game night with friends at home. Instead of hustling to soccer practice 3 days each week, put in and maintain a vegetable garden (if you don't have a yard, get involved with a community garden in your area). Instead of an expensive getaway every couple of months, tour a local farm or living history museum, or go camping and learn some bushcraft skills.

There you have it - 5 homesteadish habits that you can start right now, no matter where you are.

If your first thought is "But I can't do that", add this tip and bump it right up into the number 1 spot: Change your mindset and find a way.

What are some other habits that could be added to this list?

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